Solutions for Progress 

Pesticide TMDL, Basin Plan Amendment, and Stormwater Consulting Services

Since 2005, RBI has provided general and technically specific stormwater consulting services to the City of Roseville concerning the development of pesticide-related (i.e., chlorpyrifos, diazinon, diuron, pyrethroids) Basin Plan Amendments and TMDLs. RBI has generated numerous technical memoranda reviewing and commenting on Central Valley Regional Water Board and State Water Board pesticide-related activities, and has directly represented the City in numerous stakeholder meetings and public hearings. More specifically, through RBI’s review and comment on 303(d) listing proposals, listings on City urban creeks for pesticides were limited in scope and reach. RBI has also provided technical review of Central Valley Regional Water Board proposals to independently derive and utilize pyrethroid and diuron aquatic life criteria, as well as application of those criteria as TMDL targets and in Basin Plan objectives. Moreover, RBI has assisted the City with reviewing its responsibilities under the State Water Boards general MS4 permit TMDL provisions as the City is a named permit holding entity requiring chlorpyrifos and diazinon wasteload allocations.