Solutions for Progress 


RBI has remained a relatively small business to fulfill the commitment to provide clients with more personal attention from highly skilled and experienced staff and owners. The RBI team is comprised of a talented group of engineers and scientists with expertise in water quality; CEQA/NEPA; regulatory compliance; water resource modeling; water and power resource planning, design and management; energy utility planning and management; aquatic and terrestrial resources; as well as environmental services for water, wastewater, and stormwater projects. Rest assured that no matter which of RBI’s highly talented and qualified staff leads your project, you have the entire backing of the RBI team.

Michael Bryan, Ph.D.

President and Managing Partner

Arthur O’Brien, P.E.

Vice President and Director of Environmental Engineering

Keith Whitener, B.S.

Vice President and Director of Environmental Services

Corinne Bradley, B.S.

Vice President and Director of Energy Utility Planning

Michelle Brown, P.E.

Associate Water Resources Engineer

Paul Bedore, M.S.

Associate Environmental Scientist

Ellen Preece, Ph.D.

Senior Limnologist and Certified Lake Manager

Cameron Irvine, M.S.

Sr. Environmental Scientist/Ecotoxicologist

Ben Giudice, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Environmental Engineer

Cyle Moon, M.S., P.E.

Senior Environmental Engineer

Lauren Schultis, M.B.A.

Senior Portfolio Manager

Whitney Thorpe, M.S.

Project Scientist

Tracy Silva, B.S.

Staff Analyst

Richard Bomer, B.S.

Database Analyst

Hailey Price, B.S.

Staff Scientist II

Teresa Lopez, M.S.

Project Scientist