Solutions for Progress 

Effluent and Receiving Water Quality Assessments

RBI routinely conducts effluent and receiving water quality assessments for its clients. Assessments document effluent discharge and receiving water concentrations of over 180 constituents, including all California Toxics Rule/National Toxics Rule constituents, to determine whether contaminant-specific waste discharge requirements are warranted in NPDES permits. RBI has conducted such assessments for the following dischargers:

  •  Hangtown Creek Water Reclamation Facility
  •  El Dorado Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant
  •  Deer Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
  •  Sewer Maintenance District 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant – Placer County
  •  Sewer Maintenance District 3 Wastewater Treatment Plant – Placer County
  •  Sheridan Wastewater Treatment Plant – Placer County
  •  Stockton Regional Wastewater Control Facility
  •  Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant – City of Vacaville

For these studies, RBI has prepared the sampling and analysis plans, selected and contracted with laboratories for analytical services, collected samples using clean sampling techniques, conducted QA/QC of data, compiled results into easily usable databases, and prepared by the project reports for submittal to the Regional Water Quality Control Board.