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The RBI family is growing again!

November 28, 2015

The RBI family welcomes its newest member!  Congratulations to Kindel and Paul Bedore on the recent birth of their new daughter!  Amy Ann Bedore was born on November 28th weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz.

RBI Presents at 8th Symposium on Harmful Algae in the U.S.

November 25, 2015

Dr. Ellen Preece attended the 8th Symposium on Harmful Algae in the U.S. in Long Beach California, November 15-19, 2015.  This symposium provided a forum for scientific exchange and technical communication on all aspects of Harmful Algae Bloom research in the United States. Ellen presented a talk “Transfer of the Harmful Algal Toxin, Microcystin, From Freshwater Lakes To Puget Sound, Washington, and Toxin Accumulation in Marine Mussels Mytilus trossulus. She also presented a poster on the same topic.

Detection of Freshwater Mussels with Environmental DNA (eDNA)

October 5, 2015

RBI has been selected by the Central Valley Clean Water Association (CVCWA) and it member agencies to lead the Phase IIa eDNA Pilot Study to evaluate the use of eDNA for determining the presence/absence of freshwater mussels in receiving waters for Central Valley POTWs.  The USEPA's recent 2013 ammonia criteria, which are used by the Central Valley Water Board to establish effluent ammonia limits for each POTW's NPDES permit, requires a determination of whether freshwater mussels are present or absent in the POTW's receiving waters to determine the appropriate effluent ammonia limits.  Environmental DNA (eDNA) is a revolutionary, accurate, and highly cost-effective approach that has been demonstrated by numerous recent scientific studies to be highly effective for detecting rare or cryptic species, such as freshwater mussels, that are difficult to detect using traditional visual survey methods.  The presence or absence of a given species is determined by analyzing receiving water samples, using real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methodology, for trace amounts of genetic material that all aquatic organisms release into the water column.  As lead consultant, RBI is responsible for developing the study plan, overseeing all field data collection, and preparing a report to summarize the findings.  Data collection will be conducted in October 2015.  The findings from this pilot study will be used to develop guidance for conducting eDNA assessments to determine presence or absence of freshwater mussels in POTW receiving waters throughout the Central Valley.  The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board will use the mussel presence/absence determinations for developing NPDES permit ammonia limitations for each POTW.

RBI presents new research at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

August 31, 2015

RBI presented new research at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting August 16-20, 2015.  New staff member, Dr. Ellen Preece presented research from her paper newly published in the journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.  The paper, entitled “Transfer of microcystin from freshwater lakes to Puget Sound, WA and toxin accumulation in marine mussels (Mytilus trossulus),” focuses on toxins associated with harmful algae blooms (HABS) caused by cyanobacteria (or blue green algae) that ultimately lead to human food safety issues.  The study did confirm freshwater to marine transfer of relatively low levels of microcystins and recommended further investigation.

RBI Welcomes Two New Members to the RBI Team!

July 15, 2015

This summer has been a time of growth for the RBI team with the addition of two new staff members.  First, we welcome Dr. Ellen Preece.  Ellen earned her Ph.D. from Washington State University where she studied limnology and fisheries biology, with a focus on salmonids.  Her dissertation research involved assessments of microcystins in Puget Sound mussels.  Ellen brings diverse expertise and experience to RBI's Water Quality and Fisheries Departments.  We also welcome Cyle Moon, M.S.  Cyle is an Environmental Engineer with experience in wastewater treatment, water quality monitoring and modeling, and hydrology.  Cyle brings a diverse background and innovative approaches to RBI's Environmental Engineering and Water Quality Departments.  Both Ellen and Cyle are ready to help provide timely and effective solutions to meet your project needs.

RBI to Present at WateReuse California Annual Conference March 15-17, 2015

February 11, 2015

The WateReuse California Annual Conference is the premier statewide conference devoted to sustaining supplies through water recycling. The conference, to be held in Los Angeles, is designed for individuals, organizations, and agencies that are associated with or interested in the design, management, operation, and use of water recycling facilities and projects in California. The conference will feature technical presentations, technical tours, receptions, an awards luncheon, the annual Gordon Cologne Breakfast, the town hall session, and an exhibition component.  RBI is excited to have been selected to present at this year’s conference.  You can find out more about the conference HERE.

RBI to Conduct Ammonia Study

September 3, 2014

RBI was contracted by the Central Valley Clean Water Association (CVCWA) to lead the implementation of the “Phase I Freshwater Mussel Collaborative Study for Wastewater Treatment Plants.” This study will provide information needed by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board to implement the U.S. EPA 2013 ammonia criteria for wastewater treatment plants throughout the Central Valley.

RBI Selected for Recycled Water Study

July 22, 2014

RBI has been selected by the City of Brentwood to prepare the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Recycled Water Project. RBI completed the Recycled Water Feasibility Study in October 2013 and has been retained by the City to update the Study. The CEQA work will be completed in the first quarter of 2015 and will address the necessary Federal nexus environmental issues needed for the City to apply for financing under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF).

The RBI family is expanding!

April 21, 2014

This summer two members of the RBI team welcomed new additions to their families. Congratulations to Kindel and Paul Bedore on the April 20th arrival of their son, Isaac Justus. Also, congratulations to Mary and Ben Giudice on the latest addition to their family, Eleanor Pearl, who was born July 14.

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