Solutions for Progress 

Lincoln Water Treatment Plant Site Study

Western Placer County is one of the fastest growing areas of California, with no slow down in the foreseeable future. The increased demand for treated water associated with the growth is requiring domestic water purveyors to increase treated water production capacity to continue to provide treated water service.  To address projected demand, Nevada Irrigation District (NID) and the City of Lincoln joined in a cooperative study to identify a site for a water treatment plant.  This project consisted of a study to identify likely sites for the future water treatment and conveyance facilities in the NID service area for the foothill region between Auburn and Lincoln.  The study required a clear understanding of site constraints and the components that make up a treatment plant and its storage and distribution facilities that are reliable, expandable, and easy to operate and maintain.  The primary objective of this study was to identify and compare potential sites for treatment, storage and pipeline facilities, and provide conceptual layouts of the facilities and identify the recommended water treatment plant site and combination of facility improvements. The study projected service area water demands and assessed the potential impacts of meeting those demands on available raw water supplies, as well as consideration of potential environmental factors of each site.  RBI completed an evaluation of the potential environmental factors associated with each site and identified and compared alternative sites before selection and implementation.