Solutions for Progress 

Lower Yuba River South Canal Diversion Fish Screen Project

 The Yuba County Water Agency and its member units have been directed to replace or upgrade its existing fish barrier at the South Yuba Diversion on the lower Yuba River.  The YCWA is considering a total of eight options, including an upgrade to the existing facility and seven fish screen alternatives.  RBI provided the lead role in developing a framework for quantitatively comparing the eight options to facilitate a determination of the most cost-effective option for protecting listed anadromous fishes while meeting the water supply needs of the member units.  This framework utilized a Decision Matrix, which calculated numeric scores and cost/benefit indices based on a series of biological and non-biological criteria, to quantitatively evaluate and compare the ability of each option to meet fish screen criteria published by the National Marine Fisheries Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as project-specific criteria developed to meet the needs of the YCWA and its member units.  RBI's responsibilities included project management and coordination with the YCWA, member units, and fish screen design engineers, identification of biological and non-biological criteria, development of the Decision Matrix, and preparation of a comprehensive study report.  The findings of the report are being used to identify the most cost effective option for protection of listed salmonids in the lower Yuba River and meeting the water supply needs of the YCWA and its member units.