Solutions for Progress 

Cameron Irvine, M.S.

Mr. Cameron Irvine is a senior environmental scientist with over 20 years of experience focused on investigating the effects of contamination on aquatic resources.  Cameron has led successful investigations to identify the cause of toxicity at municipal waste treatment facilities and multiple industrial discharges, including toxicity reduction evaluations that led to the identification of novel toxicants and completion of the TRE.  Mr. Irvine has also developed and led field and laboratory pilot remediation studies to identify successful treatments protective of environmental exposure from contaminants. During his career, he has led the design and execution of field environmental sampling (e.g., sediment, surface water, and tissues), habitat assessments, and mark and recapture fisheries studies to support ecological investigations and habitat restoration projects. From this broad project experience, Cameron has developed an insight into state and federal regulations that has made him a valuable resource supporting government and industry clients during remedial investigations and discharge (NPDES) permit negotiations.  He has brought this vital skill set to help his clients by supporting stakeholder negotiations between Regional and Federal USEPA, State regulators, responsible parties, and First Nations to develop and implement specialized toxicity assessment methods, analyze complex data sets, provide technical comments and reports, manage communications among stakeholders, and communicate results at various professional and regulatory venues. Mr. Irvine continues to collaborate with NPDES permit holders and regulatory staff to investigate potential factors contributing to the pelagic organism decline (POD) in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and is a technical expert supporting the development of monitoring plans and evaluating data developed through the Delta Regional Monitoring Program’s Technical Advisory Committee.