Solutions for Progress 

Cyle Moon, M.S., P.E.

Senior Environmental Engineer

Cyle is an environmental engineer with experience performing engineering and water quality assessments related to wastewater treatment, water supply, stormwater, and groundwater. Cyle has led and assisted on NPDES wastewater, groundwater, and stormwater evaluations, wastewater treatment plant improvement projects, technical reports and workplans, and water supply modeling.  He has also taken a lead role in providing NPDES permit support for wastewater dischargers and MS4 stormwater programs, including preparation of reports, workplans, data processing and interpretation, and drafting development standards plans. With extensive experience in water and sediment sampling, Cyle developed an original in situ method for determination of zooplankton grazing and algal growth rates in the San Joaquin River. In addition, he is skilled in the use of a wide variety of computer applications, including HEC-RAS, WaterCAD, and ArcGIS, to name a few.