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Ellen Preece, Ph.D.

Ellen Preece, Ph. D.

Senior Limnologist
Certified Lake Manager

Ellen earned her Ph.D. from Washington State University where she studied limnology and fisheries biology, with a focus on salmonids and algal toxins.  She has extensive experience working with blue-green algae toxins (microcystins) and is co-author of four peer-reviewed journal articles on microcystin accumulation in nearshore marine ecosystems and shellfish that humans consume. Ellen has worked with other RBI staff to lead Toxicity Reduction Evaluations for several Central valley wastewater treatment plants. She also worked on Biological Assessments and Environmental Impact Reports to determine how projects within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta will affect water quality and fisheries. Most recently, Ellen has earned her lake manager certification with the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS).  NALMS Certified Lake Managers (CLMs) manage lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and other bodies of water.  As a CLM, Ellen will make decisions that affect the quality and use of these water bodies.  Ellen continues to broaden the diverse expertise and experience she brings to RBI’s Water Quality and Fisheries Departments.